Fibrefied is a series of mythical plants preserved in cloth. I was pregnant with my first baby during the creation of this work; inspired by growth and new life. These pieces are an expression of my outer and inner self. Like a sprouting seed these pieces started out as cloth and strings and were shaped into blooming botanicals with a variety of looping, wrapping, knotting, folding, and braiding techniques. Cloth is familiar, comforting, and nurturing, yet frayed edges portray its fragile and spontaneous nature. Each piece was made by hand using natural materials which are conceptually linked to the folklore behind each piece.  

Vena Offero.jpg

Vena Offero

Common Name: Sew-it-Seams Vine

Colour + Character: This obscure morphing vine can be seen in many ways, depending on one’s proximity. From afar this plant may seem much like others in the vine family, but upon closer inspection one can appreciate it’s true form. It’s limbs and leaves bear brilliant red shades ranging from scarlet to coral. It’s structure and colour hints to it’s latin name Vena meaning veins. 

Adorning it’s limbs are fleshy coloured blossoms that dangle and undulate, an intriguing invitation to an intimate experience. 

Symbolic Meaning: openness; discovery; enlightenment;  

Mystical Properties: soothes insecurities andradiates confidence and incite


Itiner Animus .jpg

Itiner Animus 

Common Name: Slighe Rush

Colour + Character: This plant has great pliable qualities that make it great for basket weaving. It ranges in colour from white to bronze with a slender stem and leafy top. 

Symbolic Meaning: adventure; reception; imagination; 

Mystical Properties: The basket and slippers pictured here are artifacts signifying the start of a new journey. Woven in a similar manor to the Shetland Kishie, the traveler wears the basket on their back collecting experiences, lessons and memories. The tailor made slippers will leave the individuals footprint along the way and the natural wear and tear becomes evidence reminding the traveller where they’re from and how far they’ve travelled. 

Maithflower + Black Olc.jpg


& Black Olc


Typically white in colour, this flower bears non- pigmented leaves and a modest bloom. 

Symbolic Meaning- pure chaste amenable

Mystical Properties- closes one’s heart to the forbidden 

Folklore- This species is tenaciously kept by the one who follows tradition. This blossom will prevent one from wandering off the predetermined path of their destiny. 

Black Olc-

This flower ranges in colour from a deep indigo to a soft black. The foliage is thick, hedging an exotic floret. 

Symbolic Meaning- sinful, impulsive, passionate

Mystical Properties- alters one’s veneer  

Folklore- This flower is typically given to a forbidden love. Once the flower is accepted, the receiver must leave everything and everyone they know, never to return again. If the flower is refused, the dismisser will be forever haunted by the life that could have been.


Ortus Femina

Common Name: Blooming Maiden 

Colour + Character: This succulent belongs to the Cacti family. Spiny ovoids grow along a leafy vine. The blooming of the Ortus Femina is a beautiful sight. A small granule of moon dust is nurtured inside the initial bud. Once it reaches full maturity a brilliant moonstone is revealed nestled amongst it’s silky leaves. The Ortus Femina only blooms on a full moon and can take up to thirty years to develop.      

Symbolic Meaning: transformation, new life, feminine power

Mystical Properties: Enhances intuition and feminine energy


Sanctus Morsus 

Common Name: Mihi Vine

Colour + Character: The main attraction of this climbing plant is not the small pompon of its blossom but the variety of texture and pattern that adorn it’s leaves. The nature of it’s raceme structure allows it to grasp and adhere itself to two or more contrasting elements which in turn nourishes it’s development. The stock, leaves and flowers are naturally cotton white but when agitated or impeded upon, an inner vine bleeds a pink pigment, staining the affected area. 

Symbolic Meaning: peace, unity, liberty

Mystical Properties: It is believed that spiritual properties within the pink pigment encourage reflection and promote healing and growth.